Why become an advisor ?

Like anything, joining an advisory board is a very personal decision. What will motivate you will be specific to your career, your experience, your age and most importantly your ambitions or plans for the future. However for most of us, even if it does require time and energy, joining an advisory board is an incredibly rewarding experience.

We will detail here, in not particular order, the top reasons our members highlight as key drivers to become an advisor. We would love to hear your experience and feedback !

  • Networking: One of our most valuable asset is our network. Most of us spend hours, Joining an Advisory is one of the most meaning-full way of connecting with people, for a simple reason, from the first moment you meet, you have a common interest / project to work on. It gives considerably more depth to your connections. It allows you to capture precisely the skills and strength of your new contacts making them considerably more actionable in the future. On top of the quality of the relationship it allows you to build, it also connects with people in other fields of expertise, often contacts you would never have access to in other ways. Diversity in your network is probably one of the hardest thing to achieve and therefore one of the most valuable.


  • Access & Influence: Further than accessing and connecting with the company and industry leaders, it gives you often access to “Beta” products or solutions before anybody does on the market, This gives you the opportunity to influence the industry further than you would within you day to day role. You will the opportunity to work on and influence key business initiatives such as: Go-to-markers, Product road maps, pricing strategies, mergers and acquisitions etc. (Check this page for a more exhaustive list: ).


  • Expertise and insights: Most people think of their role within an advisory board as a “giving only” experience, in witch their knowledge and experience is heavily queried, however in reality advisory boards are unique learning opportunities. In fact they are as much of “Receiving” experience than of a “Giving” one. You have access to industry insights that rarely publicly available and you get to discuss their implications with industry / market leaders.
  • Improve your CV/Resume: This leads me nicely to the next point of this list, people know that the more advisory boards you attend the wider is your network, the stronger is your industry expertise. If you did not meet your next boss on a board, joining advisory boards makes you considerably more attractive for hiring!


  • Compensation: Obviously as you grow your experience and expertise, joining advisory boards will also have a financial interest and you will likely be compensated for your time and energy more and more generously.


  • Giving back to the community: One last consideration: Joining a board can also be a fantastic way to give back to the community in a meaning-full way. Helping local small and medium businesses scale contributes the creation of jobs, participating to the advisory board of a non profit organisation can be your way to make a difference !

So even if we all are naturally more attracted by the most exiting coming companies, technologies etc. We also encourage you to consider every coming request you will get if you join us  with an open mind !