Businesses Initiatives Advisory Boards can help you with

Business initiatives advisors can help you with !


Considering entering a new market ?  What are the risks attached to making the wrong tactical decisions? Should you go direct or indirect ?

How valuable would it be to review your go-to-market strategy with a specialist from that specific market in your field/Industry ?

Launching a new product

The cost of launching a new product / range is so high, you want to make sure you get it right.

What about reviewing your plans with experienced industry leaders ? Marketing gurus ? or even recognized influencers from your target audience ?

Scaling your Sales team ?

Building a powerfull sales team is often key to businesses success ! Reviewing your sales strategy / market segmentation / incentive program / sales methodology & training with experienced sales leaders with strong track records of successful scaling businesses in your field can make the difference between success and failure!

Pricing strategy

How you price your products and services is a key element of any buisness strategy. Should you adopt a freemium model ? a subscription model ? Should you charge per user ? How to adapt pricing per market or audience segment to optimise market penetration ?

Imagine if you could get insights from a experienced leader in your field !

Marketing & Advertising plan

How solid your marketing plan and team is, is directly correlated with your chances of success !

With the arrival of new technologies advertising is becoming increasingly complex. Do you have the right media mix ? Are you making the most of each channel ? How can you reduce cost and increase ROI ?

How valuable would it be to review your strategy with the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry?


Outsourcing can be a major cost cutting opportunity. However you don’t want to do it wrong. How to ensure you are getting the right partners? How to maintain quality? What control mechanism should you adopt? How to negotiate with your suppliers?

What if you could have on your advisory board an outsource specialist that created from scratch outsourcing programs for the market leaders ?

Supply chain

Your supply chain efficiency is directly correlated with your business ability to scale,

Imagine if you could have on your advisory board the people that created / led the supply strategy for market leaders ?

IT Strategy

Having the right tools is ensuring your teams are as efficient as they can be !

But the world of IT is supper complex. Some implementations cost a considerable amount of money and require long term commitment.

What if you could get on your advisory board people that have been through that journey before ?

How valuable would be peer feedback on tools used by some of the other market players ?


The relationship between your organization and local policy maker can be of strategic importance for your future !

What if, on your advisory board, you had experienced leaders that drove these topics for some of the most influential businesses in your country or region ?